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    Dr. Rosipal is a skilled and compassionate therapist who helps patients overcome a variety of pelvic medical issues.  With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rosipal has the knowledge and skills to quickly decipher symptoms and develop a personalized treatment plan.


  • Dr.
    Lisa Henderson,

    Dr. Henderson enjoys helping her patients by combining orthopedic and neurologic techniques for pain reduction, improved body mechanics, and overall improved quality of life.

  • Dr Sarika Gaikhe, PT, DPT

    Dr. Gaikhe has always been passionate about her work and goes a step further to help her patients. She believes ‘Health is a Priority’ and hence advocates for 'treating a patient as a whole instead of just their symptoms.'

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Read what our clients says about us

  • "They are the most caring group of people, I just love how they make you feel like part of their family."
    Kim M.
  • "Love each and every one of you ladies. You are such a supportive group."
  • "I absolutely love the service I receive from the Rosipal Institute. Everyone there is on target and has the goal to get
    you better no matter how difficult you condition is."
  • "Great doctor and staff. This is a very intimate issue and they made me feel very comfortable."
  • "My daughter was beyond thrilled with the doctor and the office staff. She finally feels like she may get some help for
    her issue"
  • "Great experience. Very professional and welcoming!"
  • "Dr. Rosipal gets it! She values her patients and it shows"
  • "Very professional and caring environment. Dr. Rosipal and her staff deliver exceptional services!"
  • "Amazing, the staff and the doctor are just amazing! All very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! Just when I
    thought all my hopes were down Dr. Rospial gave me back hope. I have no words to express how much I appreciate
    their service."
  • "The whole experience from beginning to end is GREAT!"
  • "Dr. Rosipal is very professional, polite and easy to speak with. She clearly explains each step which helps to make,
    what is a rather sensitive dr visit, comfortable"
  • "Entire staff is awesome!"
  • "Everyone at the office is so accommodating and helpful. Thanks for all you do!"
  • "You all run the best office. Friendly, prompt, and the atmosphere is clean, light and inviting. Truly the best health
    professional environment I've ever been to. Thank you for being amazing!"
  • "Dr Cassone is making me feel so much better and I love that she is always on time."
  • "We have been seeing urologists for about 10 years about the issues we were having. After exhausting all medical labs, invasive tests and medicines without finding a solution, we were pretty discouraged. It was an incredible blessing to have found Dr. Rosipal who knew what we needed and how to help. She worked with us and we saw improvements we never imagined! It’s been life changing. Dr. Rosipal is an expert in her field, friendly, comfortable to work with and we are so very grateful we found her!"
    Jessica W.
  • "Dr. Rosipal and team are absolutely AMAZING! She is so knowledgeable and personable! I've never waited more then 3 minutes past my appointment time for her to enter my room. She is everything you want in a DR and everything you didn't know you wanted/needed.

    She is gifted!!!"
  • "After 6 years and 29 doctors to relieve my chronic pain syndrome,
    Dr. Rosipal was a blessing from God! I finally found a doctor, who not only correctly diagnosed the cause of my pain, but who is truly dedicated to healing me. I've only been seeing her for 6 months, and I'm on the way to being fully healed. She is a caring and knowledgeable medical professional. I have complete faith and trust in her. I strongly recommend her to anyone who has been in pain for years and is ready to give up. She will give you the hope you need."
  • "I cannot praise/thank Dr. Rosipal enough! She is so nice, kind, explains things thoroughly, makes you feel comfortable, and talks with you, not at you. She has helped me so much and I would recommend anyone to her who needs pelvic floor therapy!!!"
    Rachel M.
  • "Hands down the best PT I’ve ever been to in my entire life. Kristi and Amy are beyond helpful. They are caring, kind, understanding, patient, and more than anything they are human. They are down to earth and very real with what you are dealing with. They help bring multiple solutions to the table and show you a game plan that calms your mind and spirit. Spending time with them means meeting with people who truly care about your well being and future. They are one of a kind. And they should be recognized for it. Thank you for your continuing help and care. I am forever grateful and will be a return client if anything happens in the future!"
    Jesse G.

Conditions Treated

Read about helpful topics

  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

    Weakness, heaviness, pain, aching, cramping, sharp or dull, new or chronic.
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  • Incontinence

    Loss of control of urine and/or feces, daytime and/or at night

    Read More

  • Postpartum

    Optimum recovery after vaginal and Cesarean delivery, scar tissue, adhesions, incontinence

    Read More

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Falling out sensation, bulging into vagina, incontinence, weakness

    Read More

  • Bladder problems

    Overactive bladder, underactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, unable to empty, painful bladder, pain with or after urination, excessive daytime or nighttime urination.

    Read More

  • Bowel problems

    Difficulty with emptying bowels, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, pain with or after bowel movements

    Read More

  • Pelvic pain

    New or chronic, constant or intermittent 

    Read More

  • ​Painful periods

    Dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, scar tissue, adhesions

    Read More

  • Abdominal & pelvic nerve pain, pudendal neuralgia

    Acute or chronic, intermittent or constant 

    Read More

  • ​Pain with sex

    Vulvodynia, dyspareunia, vaginismus

    Read More

  • ​Sexual dysfunction

    Painful or unable to orgasm

    Read More

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain with sitting
  • Tailbone pain
  • Anal, rectal pain
  • Low back pain, SI pain

    Issues in these areas can contribute to pelvic pain, bladder and bowel issues

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  • Hip pain

    Can contribute to pelvic pain, bladder and bowel issues

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