Conditions Treated

  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction – sharp or dull pelvic pain, new or chronic, feelings of having a bladder infection despite negative test results
  • Postpartum – optimum recovery for vaginal & Cesarean section recovery, pelvic organ prolapses, incontinence, scar tissue, painful sex, return to exercise
  • Pelvic pain – pelvic pressure, heaviness, pain, cramping, painful periods, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, tailbone pain, scar tissue, adhesions
  • Incontinence - loss of control of urine or feces, daytime and nighttime, postpartum leakage, pelvic floor weakness
  • Bladder problems – overactive bladder, underactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, leakage, pain with or after urination, excessive frequency of urination, unable to empty bladder
  • Bowel problems – irritable bowel syndrome, difficulty with emptying bowels, constipation, painful bowel movements, incomplete emptying of bowels, pelvic and abdominal pressure, fullness
  • Abdominal & pelvic nerve pain, pudendal neuralgia – acute or chronic, intermittent or constant
  • Pain with sex – vulvodynia, dyspareunia, vaginismus, pain after sex
  • Sexual dysfunction – low or no libido, no pleasure with sexual activity, pain with or after sexual activity, erectile dysfunction, pain with orgasm (dysorgasmia), unable to obtain orgasm (anorgasmia)
  • Painful periods - dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, scar tissue, adhesions, abdominal & pelvic nerve pain, pudendal neuralgia
  • Tailbone pain (coccydynia)
  • Pain with sitting
  • Back and Hip pain – issues in these areas can contribute to pelvic pain, bladder and bowel issues

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