Patient Testimonials

Dr. Rosipal and her staff are incredible. I have never had anyone advocate so relentlessly on my behalf. She is knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. She will bend over backwards to get you feeling better. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- JL

After 6 years and 29 doctors to relieve my chronic pain syndrome, Dr. Rosipal was a blessing from God! I finally found a doctor, who not only correctly diagnosed the cause of my pain, but who is truly dedicated to healing me. Ive only been seeing her for 6 months, and Im on the way to being fully healed. She is a caring and knowledgeable medical professional. I have complete faith and trust in her. I stronly receommend her to anyone who has been in pain for years and is ready to give up. She will give you the hope you need.

- T.E.

Dr. Rosipal is an amazing woman!

- KC

I have never found a doctor who has solitified what I was feeling with my body until now and have become not only relieved, but hopeful. Not only is it helping me with my physical health, but also with mentally feeling positibe and happy that there's a solution.

- A.A.

Rosipal Institute gave me my life back from pelvic pain and Pudendal Neuralgia. If you suffer from pelvic floor, vagina, rectal pain, painful urination without infection consider seeing her. She is the best from my experience.

- Mrs. F

Dr. Rosipal is brilliant and compassionate.

- A.C.

Dr. Rosipal was very thorough in her explanations and I felt very comfortable discussing any concerns with her.

- Anonymous

There's no waiting! I've never had to wait when showing up for my appointments. I am not used to this but I love it!!! The doctor is straight up, knowledgeable and super friendly. So glad I was recommended to go to her.

- M. W.

Before I came in I thought this therapy was going to be a chore and a necessary, but unfortunate, drain on my time. Instead it has been an incredibly positive experience. You have not only fixed my problem in a simple way with no surgery, but you have also fixed another problem that I thought was just something I had to deal with after three pregnancies.....

- K.K.

Dr. Rosipal is the BEST!! Her compassion and desire to help her patients is very rare these days. After seeing numerous doctors and no results, I went to see Dr. Rosipal and she made the pain go away and fixed what the others could not figure out.

- S.F.

… thank you for all you did to help me with my hip pain…. It meant a lot and your passion for your work was evident every time we met. I truly appreciate all of your efforts and am comforted in knowing that there are doctors out there with a genuine love for their work and concern for their patients.

- S.M.

Very friendly!! Dr. Rosipal is very sweet and makes the pelvic therapy feel comfortable and not awkward.

- S.R.

She not only reduces my physical pain, but also helps me psychologically.

- C.W.

She is a very caring responsive practioner

- Anoymous

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